Finding Your Own Unique Evangelistic Identity

Jon Laframboise

Everyone has a unique identity in both the natural and spiritual world, and we also have a unique relationship with Jesus. In order to be truly effective in advancing the Kingdom of God, we need to learn how to embrace who we are, not by conforming to a mold or method, but by reflecting Jesus who is in us. In this breakout session, you will learn how to be uniquely you in your approach to evangelism, inspiring you to love the lost with the help of Jesus inside of you.


Maintaining a Healthy Soul in Leadership


Activating the Culture of Heaven requires that each one of us become leaders in our own sphere of influence. How do we maintain a healthy soul as we encounter disappointments and bump up against the mess of a world that’s been ravaged by another kingdom? In this session, you will learn how to process these things in a healthy way by following a template that helps to sort out the strategy of the enemy and make space for a fresh encounter with the heart of the Father. You will have an opportunity to put it into practice and are guaranteed to leave with fresh hope.


Growing in Your Royal Language: Prophetic 101

with Nathan Kliewer

Are you aware that you can hear God’s voice? Did you know that God loves to share things with you for the benefit of other people? Growing in our royal language, as sons and daughters of the King, is an amazing adventure. In this session, not only will you discover different ways God speaks to you, but you will learn how to speak God’s heart over others. Through a variety of activations, you will be given different tools to prophesy over one another as well as learn how to receive and process a prophetic word that has been given to you.