Exposure Trip: Phuket, Thailand

August 21 – September 2

Kingdom City Young Adults are partnering with Envision Canada to participate in an Exposure Trip to Phuket, Thailand. The heart of this 12-day adventure is to challenge Young Adult participants, at a very pivotal stage in their life, to:

  1. Deepen their personal commitment to Christ.

  2. Fully engage in missional living in their own context.

  3. Strengthen their global vision, within the local context of Kingdom City, by seeing what God is doing and wants to do locally, nationally, and internationally through individuals and the Church.

An Exposure Trip differs from a traditional “mission trip” in that we will focus our hearts and minds on God’s mandate to become a missional people wherever we are. This starts long before the actual trip with a variety of training sessions, partnerships, and participation in real ministries here at home.

Once we get to Thailand, our team will be working with local pastors and missionaries to experience daily teaching (missiology, social justice, and the Gospel), beach or street evangelism, teaching classes, shadowing of on-ground workers, prayer walks, and potentially leading church services and ministering to women in the red-light district (and maybe even a bit of sight-seeing mixed in somewhere!). All of this will be done under the supervision and participation of onsite Envision staff.

Are you ready to #ChangeTheWorld?

Project Leaders

Ben Raine Contact→
Larissa Raine Contact→

Team members

8 spots available for Young Adults between 18–30 years old

individual Cost

$3,300 per person

Includes: flights, travel, accommodations, and food (while in Thailand)

Application Process

Pray + Inquire
Prayer is the first step. Ask God whether this trip is for you. If you have questions about the trip or application process, contact Pastor Ben.

Application Submission
Online applications must be submitted no later than Friday, January 11. Only applications received by this deadline will be considered.

As part of the application process, each applicant must go through an interview with the two Team Leaders (Ben and Larissa) and a representative from our Global Mission Team (GMT). Applicants will be notified individually whether or not they are accepted onto the Exposure Trip Team by Monday, January 21.

Within two weeks of receiving confirmation of acceptance as a participant on the Trip Team, participants must provide a non-refundable travel deposit of $500 to secure their spot.

Additional Documents
Upon acceptance as a trip participant, additional documents will be provided that must be completed and submitted by April 22. Failure to submit the necessary documentation may result in being asked to step off the Exposure Trip Team, consequently losing the deposit.

Fundraising + Training
All participants are required to participate in training sessions and fundraising. Fundraising will predominantly take place through written letters, however, there will be one large joint-fundraising event which will simultaneously act as a team-building activity. As part of training, the Exposure Trip Team will look at a variety of topics including God’s heart for the world, Thai culture, and personal and spiritual gifts.


Training Dates

  • Saturday, January 26 ∙ 9:30am–11:30pm

  • Sunday, February 24 ∙ 1:00pm–3:30pm

  • Thursday, March 28 ∙ 7:00pm–9:30pm

  • Sunday, April 28 ∙ 1:00pm–3:30pm

  • Thursday, May 16 ∙ 7:00pm–9:30pm

  • Sunday, May 26 ∙ 1:00pm–3:30pm

  • Sunday, June 9 ∙ 1:00pm–3:30pm

  • Saturday, June 29 ∙ 9:00am–3:00pm
    Major Fundraiser

  • Thursday, July 11 ∙ 7:00pm–9:30pm

  • Sunday, July 28 ∙ 1:00pm–3:30pm

  • Thursday, August 8 ∙ 7:00pm–9:30pm

  • Sunday, August 18 ∙ 1:00pm–3:30pm

  • Sunday, September 8 ∙ 1:00pm–3:00pm



  • Applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old and no longer enrolled in high school by the time of departure.

  • Team members must be willing to whole-heartedly enter into an intentional discipleship process as we seek to grow as a Team, passionately pursue Jesus, and discover the fullness of our God-given gifts.

  • Team members will require a valid passport and vaccinations (details will be provided early in the process).

  • Team members must attend all training and debrief meetings (dates listed above).

  • Team members must meet all payment and document deadlines.

  • Team members must be able to participate in learning to write fundraising letters and send them to a minimum of ten people, and to participate in the team fundraiser.