Names of God

An Invitation to profoundly encounter God through his Names

about the series

We find many names of God throughout the Bible. Every name is a revelation of who He is—His character, His attributes, what He is like, and how we can relate to Him. Whenever God gives us one of His names, it is an invitation for us to encounter Him in a special way.

In this series, as we dig deep into the Scriptures and highlight some of the most prominent names of God, we discover some of the incredible and particular ways that we can get to know His amazing character. Eight weeks, eight names.

Series Intro Video

07/21: Elohim
07/28: Iesous Soter
08/04: Paraclete
08/11: Kurios
08/18: Abba
08/25: Yahweh Yireh
09/01: Machseh
09/08: Baal-Perazim
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