Our Vision

As Christ-followers we belong to God’s Kingdom—the Kingdom of Heaven. As a church we are all about Releasing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. What that really means is we want to be doing what Christ did when He was here on earth, the things He has asked us to do: love, serve, and bring freedom and healing to people, in Jesus’ name. There are four key ways we put our vision into practice...


Encounter God's Presence

We want every person to encounter God’s presence personally. This happens through worship, community, prayer, Scriptural teaching, and simply responding to Jesus.

Experience Community

We want every person to experience authentic community and to truly connect with and care for one another. This happens by attending one (or more) of our Communities that appeal to various ages, interests, and life-stages. 


Embrace Kingdom Life

We want every person to embrace their Kingdom life. This happens by discovering—through sermons, Bible studies, seminars, and conferences—one’s true identity, destiny, and authority through the Holy Spirit and the Word.

Change the World

We want our city and our world to know God’s Kingdom is also for them; we want to change the world! This happens by being His hands and feet and sharing His message using our Spirit-given gifts and abilities.


Our Beliefs

We are a Christian & Missionary Alliance church. Our beliefs in God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), the Bible, sin, freedom from sin, Christian living, healing, the Church, life after death, and the second coming of Christ are firmly rooted in Scripture, and they guide our teaching and living. Read our Statement of Faith→